Dead Horse Bay…thoughts from the future…featured on Du.0’s debut album.

Released May 10, 2024

Thoughts from the Future is the debut album from violin duo Du.0 (pronounced du-point-oh), the incisive musical collaboration between Charlotte Munn-Wood and Aimée Niemann. The album showcases the ensemble’s unorthodox virtuosity and penchant for non-traditional sounds, particularly for an instrument as steeped in tradition as the violin.

Thoughts from the Future is a studio recording version of a concert Du.0 gave in late February 2020. The commissions by Asher and Wollschleger were programmed alongside a preexisting commission from composer Emily Praetorius. These three works center on Munn-Wood and Niemann’s prodigious violin skills, and they notably utilize their singing voices and improvisatory skills as well to conjure worlds of beautiful noise.


Released May 10, 2024

violin, voice, and pitch pipes – Aimée Niemann and Charlotte Munn-Wood

recording, mixing, and mastering – Mike Tierney
recorded at Shiny Things Studio

produced by Aimée Niemann, Charlotte Munn-Wood, and Scott Wollschleger

art by Beatrice Modisett
photography by Adam Geisen
album design and layout by Aimée Niemann and Dave Ruder

Gold Bolus Recordings // GBR07