Released June 21, 2024

Radiating both inventive playfulness and intense emotion, the album features four works commissioned from Wollschleger by four separate artists or duos, each of whom performs their own commissioned work on the recording. Artists featured on the album include violinist Miranda Cuckson; the duo andPlay, comprising violinist Maya Bennardo and violist Hannah Levinson; pianist Anne Rainwater with trombonist William Lang; and mezzo-soprano Lucy Dhegrae with pianist Nathaniel LaNasa.

In the album notes for Between Breath, Wollschleger calls the album the “culmination” of an intense collaborative process with the commissioning artists. Although written over a period of seven years, the featured works are “here woven together as a complete work,” he writes. Sharing a sense of “haunted beauty,” the music of Between Breath captures a sense of what it is to be alive within our human bodies, with all the dynamism and sensory delight that comes with that – as well as the fragility.

Between Breath is a super playful and intense sonic adventure,” Wollschleger writes. “It is also a deeply personal album with each work channeling wild, ecstatic, joyful, melancholic, and unnamable forces bubbling up inside of me as I composed each piece… Each piece requires a huge amount of physical stamina and concentration; many passages push the musicians to their physical limit. They are the true heroes and navigators of this journey.”


releases June 21, 2024

All music composed by Scott Wollschleger

andPlay: Maya Bennardo violin; Hannah Levinson, viola

Between Breath:
Anne Rainwater, piano
William Lang, trombone

Anyway, where threads go, it all goes well
Lucy Dhegrae, soprano
Nathaniel LaNasa, piano

Secret Machine no. 7
Miranda Cuckson, violin

Violain; Between Breath; Anyway, where threads go, it all goes well;
Secret Machine no. 7 published by Project Schott New York, (BMI)

All tracks recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, New York

Tracks 1 and 2 were recorded February 25, 2018
Track 3 was recorded February 3, 2022
Track 4 was recorded July 24, 2017
Track 5 was recorded January 26, 2024

Recording Engineer: Ryan Streber

Editing, mixing and mastering: Ryan Streber and Scott Wollschleger

Editing assistants: Charles Mueller and Edwin Huet

Piano technician: Dan Jessie

Executive producer: Scott Wollschleger

Cover and booklet design: Traci Larson-Katz

Illustrations based on Everard Digby’s De Arte Natandi
(The Art of Swimming), published in 1587