Song for the End of the World

for one or many people blowing into empty bottles (2021)


Instructions for performance: fill two empty wine bottles with unequal amounts of water. Blow over the top of either bottle gently to produce a flutelike tone. Generate a tone about every 7 or 8 seconds for 6 minutes.

A film can also be created with the music. Using a cell phone each participant creates 15-30 second video documenting of local outdoor space. The spaces should be places that are often passed over or seemingly not interesting. The aim of the film is to bring attention to the negative spaces that surround us and to find beauty in those spaces when we take a moment to view them.

Commissioned by Open Space Festival of New Music at University of Northern Colorado. The film was made in collaboration with UNCommon Ensemble and Scott Wollschleger. A Version for cell phone display can be found found here. Headphones recommended!

World Premiere

March 11, 2021
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley Colorado
UNCommon Ensemble:
Vijay Chalasani, director; Bryce Baturevich, Jeff Borrett, Levi Carpman, Analyce Gonzalez, Ahmad Kandari, Matthew Lei, Gabriel Mangione, Noah Nichols, Ret North, Benjamin Peyton, Nathan Radich, Yudi Zhang