Dead Horse Bay…thoughts from the future…

two violins (2020)

While written for violin duo, the work is really a trio, written for two violins and a human-sized, malfunctioning cell phone. The phone speaks to the frumpy vortex that is our digital communication reality, and displays an amateur film I made documenting trash at Dead Horse Bay in south Brooklyn in the spring and summer of 2019. As I was filming this project (on my cell phone), and as I became more intimately familiar with the Bay’s history, the recorded fragments of the extensive trash on the beach morphed into uncanny, eerie specters crying thoughts from the future.

Commissioned by Du.0

World Premiere

NYC world premiere (featured in this video):
February 22, 2020
Tenri Cultural Institute
New York City

Aimée Niemann, violin
Charlotte Munn-Wood, violin