Bring Something Incomprehensible Into This World

“Bring Something Incomprehensible into This World” is from the philosopher Gilles Deleuze in reference to Heinrich Von Kleist. I’ve taken it to be an affirmation of what creativity is all about and it’s what the artist should do when they create a work of art. What would be the point of bringing something too comprehensible and pre-packaged into the world? You can do it, but I think that’s boring. Don’t make boring work! Rather make something that pushes your mind and body and make something that creates new sensations and movements. Maybe you’ll even have a new idea happen too. I prefer the scramble the mind has when it encounters a work of art as opposed to some kind of serenity and sedation that comes about from a unified experience. In Bring Something Incomprehensible into This World the trumpet and voice are in a playful dialogue. The text is presented in fragments. The fragments are made of single words or just syllabic sounds. I found breaking the text up into smaller sounding parts allowed me greater flexibility when writing the piece and ultimately allowed for a more free-spirited approach. The arrangement of the vocal sounds sometimes imply new words and phrases. Often the trumpet and the voice blend together to create what I call a “dirty unison”. I imagined the sounds of the words themselves being “smeared” by the trumpet’s sounds. I think the interaction between the voice and the trumpet implies a kind a hybrid instrument or a mutant offspring that is the combination of the trumpet and the human voice.

Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti’s program note.

Bring Something Incomprehensible into This World  was commissioned and first performed by Andy Kozar and Corrine Byrne.
The work is recorded on Soft Aberration released on New Focus Recordings