Meditation on Dust


What would happen if a Richard Strauss tone poem was left out in the desert for 1000 years? This was the central questioning metaphor I had in mind when writing. What I imagine left is a kind of harmonic dust. Meditation on Dust is a dream landscape shaped by these harmonic particles. The piano, which in many ways acts as a hyper-violin, cuts through the dust and sometimes is enveloped within it. As the dream evolves we come back to the original Strauss moment but soon depart from it. Meditation on Dust was commissioned by the String Orchestra of Brooklyn. My deepest gratitude to Karl Larson for collaborating with me on this project.

Reviews from the New York Times and I Care if You Listen.
This recording: Karl Larson, piano with The String Orchestra of Brooklyn
conducted by Eli Spindel

Recorded live Thursday, June 25, 2015
Roulette; Brooklyn, New York