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Soft Aberration no. 2 viola and piano (2015)

Soft Aberration no. 2 is a piece about imitation, but rather than sharing identical musical material I imagined each instrument as a damaged reflective surface which projects a kind of “broken echo” between the two instruments. In some sense the piano wants to “see itself” in the viola’s music and the viola wants the same from the piano. The two struggle with this throughout the piece and at various times they find a way to “see” each other.

This recording:
Anne Lanzilotti, viola
Karl Larson, piano

Larval Soup viola and vibraphone (2009)

Larval Soup is a virtual composition which explores relationships between discontinuity and the present moment. It is composed in such a way that the players must constantly choose what they will play, mapping out their course, sometimes even folding two different ideas into each other simultaneously. The performers are “composing” in real time. The goal is to make the performance itself more vital and living.

Invisible Opera violin and cello (2011)

A piece written around musical material from Christopher Cerrone’s opera, Invisible Cites. This piece was premiered live on on WKCR Radio, New York City in 2011. More information on Chris’s opera can be found here.