Indexical’s Santa Cruz Series

Mivos Quartet, “one of America’s most daring and ferocious new-music ensembles,” have performed everywhere from museums to metal clubs. They will play acoustic and electro-acoustic compositions by artists from across the United States, Denmark, and Iran.

Pieces range from the propulsive String Quartet No. 3by composer and Zs guitarist Patrick Higgins to the cold minimalism of Martin Stauning’s Atmende Steine. Mivos will also play Moonblood, by Mario Diaz de Leon, a metal guitarist and composer of “extreme instrumental music,” as well as Scott Wollschleger’s String Quartet No. 2, “White Wall”, which the composer describes as “music written at the end of the world.” Finally, Mivos will premiere a revised and expanded version of Distorted Attitudes IV, by California-based Iranian composer Anahita Abbassi.

Bearthoven premieres AMERICAN DREAM
  Le Poisson Rouge

Bearthoven brings their unique brand of investigative new music for piano, percussion, and bass to LPR on April 18th to kick off the release of their debut album, Trios (out on Cantaloupe Music, May 5th). Over three years in the making, the record celebrates a community built around performers who play new music and the composers who write for them.

For this release, Bearthoven will perform three highlighted works from Trios: Adrian Knight’s The Ringing World, Fjóla Evans Shoaling, and Brooks Frederickson’s Undertoad.
The night also includes the premiere of a newly commissioned work, American Dream, from Brooklyn’s timelessly lyrical and occasionally dystopian composer Scott Wollschleger.

The show begins with a solo set by Fjóla Evans performing her original music for solo cello and electronics. Based on her love of Icelandic folk-song and drones, the music explores looping white-noise, archival and field recordings to build twitching minimal soundscapes. She will be performing pieces inspired by her study of Icelandic Rímur, a type of intonement of skaldic poetry.


Exceptet premieres BRONTAL no. 7
  Metropolis Ensemble Event Space @1 Rivington Street / 2nd Floor (Buzzer #1) / New York, NY

Exceptet premieres Brontal no. 7 alongside other cool works. More details here.